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The Fat Ass Trail Run

The Story & The Spirit

The Fat Ass Trail Run began in 2003 with a handful of runners and grew into an end-of-the-season celebration of trail running hosting over 500 runners each year, becoming one of Ontario's largest trail races. Despite its size, we maintain the original spirit of the original Fat Asses - 'all fun and no frills', keeping the race very affordable. A plethora of distances mean that there is a place for every level of runner that drives up the enthusiasm in the community of participating runners.
It's not unusual to see veteran 6-Hour Bad-asses cheering on a first-time 5k runner, or the 50k runners being supported by the 10k folks on a lap. The Fat Ass camaraderie is everywhere.


The Course & The Trails


We like to think that the Fat Ass has got it all! Others may say it's is a mixed bag of tricks. (We've even been told by unprepared road runners that it's "very extreme", which made us feel totally hardcore).
But the trails of Batawa are home to the usual trail running fare, rocks, roots, wide trails, single tracks, wooden bridges, creek crossings, hills and meadows.
What makes it exciting is the November weather that gives us anything at random. Sometimes snow, often mud, sometimes nothing but sun, and sometimes all of it at once!
The course is divided into two loops, North and South.
The North Loop is run by 50k, 25k, 17.5k and 10k distances.
The South Loop is run by The 6 Hour Badasses, 25k, 17.5k, 7.5k and 5.5k. 


North Loop
Distance 10 kms


South Loop
Distance 7.5 kms


South Loop
5.5 km Route


Race registration remains as affordable as possible, race t-shirts, and post race food are optional with registration.
Minors under the age of 18 are free with a registered parent or guardian who will run with them*.
*(This does not include the 1 km Big Bums Kids Race)

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